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  1. The information you submit here will be used in the appropriate place on our site to better promote your business, attraction, or recurring event and the area overall. (To submit a recurring or non-recurring event to our daily calendar, please email

    Any information, including photos, you upload may also be used in our publications, including the Visitors Guide and Dining and Lodging Guide, which are also marketing tools we use to promote your business, attraction or event. We may also use the information and photos in social media marketing. Information and photos will only be used to promote the business, attraction or event and the area.

    Uploading information does not guarantee publication on the website. Businesses must have some appeal to visitors in order to be listed. For any questions about what qualifies to be published on the site, call 563-263-8895 or email

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  2. What's the name of your business, attraction, or event?
  3. Please provide a description of your business, attraction, or event. For a business or attraction, include open hours. For an event, include the date it occurs, as well as any cost. Include any fun facts you can think of, anything that would make someone want to come to your business, attraction or event.
  4. Tell us where your business or attraction is or where your event takes place. Please include the street address if possible for an event.
  5. Please list the website of your business, attraction, or event. Facebook pages are also acceptable.
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  9. Your email address will be kept private, unless you indicate otherwise in the "Notes" section below. We will add you to our appropriate email lists, in order to keep you better informed about news and events in Muscatine County that are pertinent to your business, attraction or event. We will also use your email address to verify your listing.
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