Pearl Button Paddlewheel

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The Pearl Button Paddlewheel riverboat sets the perfect stage for private events such as weddings, receptions, meetings, parties, reunions, etc. Click the link below for pricing information. The Paddlewheel is docked next to Pearl City Station.

Constructed by Captain Virgil Gray in 1985 and christened the "Four C's" for his daughters Colleen, Cheryl, Claudia, and Christine, the boat is 61-feet long and 24-feet wide and is a sidewheeler. It is constructed of steel and is powered by two diesel engines that operate the paddlewheels mounted on each side.

A pilot wheel controls the steering rudders; Captain Gray liked the feel of mechanical rudders rather than hydraulic steering. The boat was eventually sold to Stillwater, Minnesota, where it was operated as The Andiamo. Tom and Ann Meeker purchased it in 2008, moved it to Muscatine, Iowa, and operate it as The Pearl Button Paddlewheel. It is the only authentic sidewheeler currently in operation in the entire United States.

When the Coast Guard commissioned it in 1985, it was the first sidewheeler that had been commissioned in 100 years.

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