Muscatine County & Cedar River Sites

  1. Cedar Bluffs

    Find out more on Cedar Bluffs.

  2. Cedar Bottoms Wildlife Area

    Explore the wildlife at the Cedar Bottoms Wildlife Area.

  3. Deep Lakes Park

    120 acres of water for fishing and canoeing/kayaking

  4. Discovery Park

    Get creative at Discovery Park.

  5. Gedney Lake

    Access information on Gedney Lake.

  6. McKeown Access

    Gain knowledge about the McKeown Access.

  7. Pike Run Wildlife Area

    Meet the wildlife at Pike Run Wildlife Area.

  8. Richardson Wildlife Area

    Enjoy the amenities of the Richardson Wildlife Area.

  9. Saulsbury Bridge Recreation Area

    View information about the Saulsbury Bridge Recreation Area.

  10. Shield Prairie

    Seek adventures on the Shield Prairie.

  11. Shugar Memorial Park

    Learn more about Shugar Memorial Park.