Shopping Districts

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Shopping? Did someone mention shopping? Of course. A visit to Muscatine would not be complete without a little shopping time. 

If you are a person who considers shopping as one of your hobbies or a favorite way to just relax a little, Muscatine offers a wide range of shopping destinations. 

Whether you want to browse or are in pursuit of a particular item, the five shopping districts in the city as well as those in neighboring communities are yours to explore. Be forewarned. The local residents and frequent visitors have their favorites. They will definitely recommend them to you.

Beltway District
The Beltway in Muscatine is also referred to as “the bypass” and is part of US Highway 61, a major thoroughfare that people travel from Burlington and the Quad Cities to Muscatine.

On Oct. 20, 2012, the U.S. 61 bypass in Muscatine (from the intersection with Grandview Avenue on the south end to the intersection with Iowa 38 on the north end) was officially named the Douglas King Memorial Expressway in honor of Charles Douglas "Doug" King, a Muscatine native who was killed during the Vietnam War while attempting to rescue a downed pilot.

The Beltway District is one of the fastest growing areas of the city. It’s home to big box stores as well as small businesses. 

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this area of Muscatine is a must to explore. Unique specialty shops, historic buildings, Pearl Plaza and the wonderful riverfront all make up the big community heart of Muscatine.

The “core” downtown is considered to be the area from the riverfront on the south to 4th Street on the north.  Its eastern boundary is Mulberry Avenue and its western boundary is Pine Street.  The general downtown “area” extends the eastern boundary to Mad Creek and the northern boundary on Mulberry Avenue to 6th Street. 

Mall District
Muscatine Mall with over 30 stores anchors this district which runs along and extends from Park Avenue, one of the city’s main routes.

You’ll find many locally owned and operated businesses as well as some national chains.

Midtown District
The Midtown District is a bit more scattered than the other shopping areas in Muscatine. It includes all the businesses that are not part of the other districts. Take a little time and drive through Muscatine. You never know what you might find, other than a good adventure and very special places.

Southern District
Locals refer to the Southern District simply as “South End,” as it is the south end of town.  Start on Grandview Avenue where you’ll find many locally owned businesses.

Shopping in Neighboring Communities
Just a short drive away from the city of Muscatine, neighboring communities offer a variety that adds an extra touch to your shopping excursions.

Choose to head north, south or west and you'll be sure to find something you weren't looking for.
  • Blue Grass
  • Durant
  • Walcott
  • West Liberty
  • Wilton