Today's Innovators


Ask five people what an entrepreneur is and you're likely to get five different answers. Visit Muscatine and learn about the entrepreneurial spirit of today—the innovative people who built companies from the ground up.

Muscatine is very proud of what they have accomplished, their commitment to the community and looks forward to more innovators calling Muscatine home,

  • C. Max Stanley, founder of Stanley Consultants, a global engineering consulting firm;
  • Kent Family (G.A. Kent, founder), owners of the Kent Corporationa diversified, family-owned corporation with operating subsidiaries involved in corn wet milling, the production of animal feeds, and the manufacture of food products.
  • Musco Lighting, specializing in the design and manufacture of sports-lighting systems around the globe;
  • Roy J. Carver, chairman and founder of Bandag, Inc., a supplier of retread tire products to the world;
  • Stan Howe, who  started with Home-O-Nize in 1948 as its 21st employee, and was instrumental in building it into HON Industries and later HNI Corporation, the nation’s second-largest office furniture manufacturer.