1. Events Calendar

  2. Eagle Watch

    Learn about the Corps Eagle Watch.

  3. Eagles & Ivories

    Browse information about Eagles and Ivories.

  4. Farmers' Markets

    Check out the produce and other items at Muscatine's farmers' market.

  5. Greenwood Cemetery Walk

    Walk through history!

  6. Heritage Day and Buckskinner Rendezvous

    Explore more about Heritage Day.and Buckskinner Rendezvous

  7. Holiday Open House

  8. Holiday Stroll

    Find out about Holiday Stroll.

  9. Independence Day

    Gain details about what happens in Muscatine on Independence Day.

  10. Jackson Concert Series

    Learn about the Jackson Concert Series.

  11. Melon City Criterium

    Look through information on the Melon City Criteria.

  12. Muscatine Flames

    Go Flames!

  13. Muscatine County Fair

    Register for the Muscatine County Fair and learn about what functions are available there.

  14. Muscatine Second Saturday

  15. Muscatine Symphony Orchestra

    Keep up to date on the concerts and members of the Muscatine Symphony Orchestra.

  16. NASCAR Stock Car Races

    Reserve time to visit the NASCAR Stock Car races.

  17. Scarecrow Festival

    Scarecrow contest and hands-on kids' activities.

  18. Second Sunday Summer Concert Series

    Enjoy the concerts June-September.

  19. The Arts in Muscatine

    Information on performing arts in Muscatine County.

  20. West Liberty Children's Festival

    Puppetry, strolling performers, food and more!

  21. Wilton's Founders Day

    A hometown celebration with lots of activity!